Media Group Takes Abi Jaoudi To Task

-For Selling Expired Food Items
The Media for Consumers Protection is deeply troubled over the discovery made by Commerce Inspectors of a large quantity of expired food commodities recently by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on sale at the Abi Jaoudi Supermarket in Monrovia. The group considers the action of Abi Jaoudi Supermarket to sell expired food products such as meat, fish, chicken and other frozen commodities as unscrupulous, willful, and deliberate. The Media for Consumers Protection meanwhile welcomes the USD75, 000 fine imposed on the supermarket by the Ministry of Commerce but believes that the fine is insufficient for the health damage and harmful medical effect the action of Abi Jaoudi Supermarket has caused to consumers in Liberia.
The group in their release added that expired food in most cases are contaminated by bacteria, virus or parasites and when consumed it becomes a food poisoning that leads to life threatening symptoms that include; abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, mild fever, weakness, nausea, and headache.
Based on the health risk and danger associated with the consumption of expired and contaminated food products, the Media for Consumers Protection has embarked on an investigative survey to gather information from affected consumers to establish their health conditions, in order to consider a legal action against the Abi Jaoudi Supermarket.
According to a recent press release from the group, the media group is recommending to the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Commence, to revoke the business license and closedown the Abi -Jaoudi Supermarket due to the alarming quantity of expired food products that were found in the supermarket to serve as a deterrent to other unscrupulous businesses.
The group is however warning consumers in the country not to do business or buy any commodity from the Abi Jaoudi Supermarket.

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