Police Probes VOA Community Man

Police Director Patrick Sudue

-For Alleged Murder
By Kermu O. Masssaquoi
An 18-year old man identified as Jonathan Bewere, a resident of the VOA Community has been arrested and is under investigation for allegedly shooting his friend, Junior Dean to death.
According to the Police investigation Team’s Report, on March 5, 2o18 defendant Jonathan Bewere a resident of the VOA Community on the Robert Field High Way in Margibi County, shot the victim Junior Dean to death while joking with a single barrel gun.It can be recalled that four month, ago prior to the shooting incident, armed robbers attacked the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marie J. Grimes who employed the deceased Dean as a driver in one fateful night , during which Mr. Grimes sustained severe wounds on his head and other parts of her body.
He was later taken to the ELWA hospital where the wounds on his head were treated with stitches.
Several weeks later, he began to experience some complications from his head, for which he was flown to India to seek brain surgery, where it was diagnosed that blood and fluid were entering his brain.
However, when Mr. Grimes was taken to India, his wife Marie J. Grimes came from work on March 5, 2018and forgot her keys but she decided to asked suspect Jonathan and the deceased Junior Dean to break the lock of the door.
After breaking the lock from the door, the deceased Junior and suspect Bewere was seen at the porch of the boy’s quarters accordingly joking with each other, while in the possession of the gun.
But there were no argument or misunderstanding between the both of them when the gun fire, while attempting to open the gun. The victim die later at the John F. Kennedy Medical hospital.
When the situation occurred the single barrel shot entered the left side victim’s head which suggest that they were engaging each other when the gun fire.
Couples with the investigation establish that, the gun was belonging to Mr. Grimes with no proper documentation giving to him from the police.
The defendant Bewere while under investigations has admitted to have committed the said crime. Coupled with the evidences gathered as well as the post-mortem examination performed on the deceased body, and the eyewitness accounts, the police have formally charged the defendant for Negligent Homicide, for carelessly causing the death of the victim.
The case has been adjourned pending future trial at the Monrovia City Court.

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