We Support Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda

INDEED MANY OF our presidents come to power with slogans and phrases meant to support their development agendas or goals. In recent times many Liberians can remember President William V.S.V Tubman’s Open door and national Unification policy; President William R. Tolbert’s Total Involvement for Higher Heights, and President Samuel K. Doe Regime’s slogan, “In the cause of the People, the Struggle Continues”.EX-PRESIDENT ELLEN JOHNSON Sirleaf enunciated the ‘Generational Change’ and Development Transformation, Vision 2030 Middle Class slogan. Ex-President Sirleaf was also stressing on the decentralization of development initiatives and the provision of electricity and clean water. There are many bold development initiatives in the areas of electricity, roads, community colleges and hospitals were implemented during the 12 years of UP rule.
HER SUCCESSOR AMBASSADOR George Manneh Weah is no exception to this, as barely 3 months in office the CDC led administration has expressed commitment to the pro-poor agenda as a driving force for Liberia’s development. Pro-poor means the award of credit facilities to the poor to engage in business and productive enterprises.
THE PRO-POOR DEVELOPMENT Agenda policy is expected to help empower poor and vulnerable groups such as street boys and girls, rural farmers, fishermen and plantation workers, to change their living conditions from poverty to average income earning members of the society. This can be realized by offering opportunities to them such as training privileges, providing credit facilities among others.
IN OTHER WORDS THE SALIENT difference between the outgoing Unity Party led government and the incoming Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) administration is that the CDC has stated that it will emphasize on helping poor Liberian people through the implementation of priority projects that favor and benefits poor and marginalized members of the Liberian society especially those in the rural areas.
IT IS HOPED THAT AS time goes on, the impact of the pro-poor agenda policy on the country’s overall development strides will be carefully evaluated and monitored to determine the gains made over a given period in critical areas such as health, education, infrastructure and roads connectivity.
PERIODIC EVALUATIONS ARE also expected to be made in Liberia’s capacity to increase its export to the overseas market, to grow food and ensure food security, to provide electricity and clean water, telecommunications and internet facilities and technology across the country and also the prevailing investment climate.
WE THANK PRESIDENT WEAH for being the architect of this far-sighted pro-poor agenda policy. It is a policy that is not only highly appropriate and suited for the Liberian underdevelopment situation, a situation in which real development initiatives are far removed from poor people especially those living in the hinterland and can hardly afford one US dollar a day as income. This is also a situation in which political instability and corruption are threats.

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