Bali Island To Become New Monrovia

-To Be Transformed into a Tourist Paradise
The Liberian leader ambassador George Manneh Weah has expressed his government’s intention to transform Bali Island situated in the Mesurado River, near Clara town into the New Monrovia, adding that to do this, he wants to begin with the construction of a state-of-the-art International Conference Center and other standardized structures on the island.Speaking during a boat-ride assessment tour of the island on Monday March 26, , President Weah commended Liberians for giving him the opportunity to lead the country with a view to enable him transform it.“While coming up as a child; growing up in Clara Town, on Bushrod Island; playing just across the shores of the Stockton Creek; I often looked into the direction of the Bali Island, viewing what can be an undeveloped tourist attraction,” President Weah recounted.
He said, “I wondered what was going on there. “I did not know anyone who knew what was going on there. There was no road, no bridge, or ferry to get over here.”
According to President Weah, his dream to see the Island developed began from that moment, noting: “From here, I began to see a “New City of Monrovia” emerging from the ashes of the Old City of Monrovia.”
President Weah explained how he envisions skyscrapers, office buildings, shopping malls, banks, insurance companies, night clubs, beautiful lights and magnificent colours on the Island, adding that he similarly also saw a happy and prosperous people, going about their businesses, meeting and greeting each other.”
He intimated that because the dream has never left him, he will proceed with the development of the Bali Island, noting that whenever he is crossing the Gabriel J. Tucker Bridge and has to look into the direction of the Island.
President Weah acknowledged God’s blessings upon him for making him President and leader, and noted that the Liberian people have given him the opportunity to make that dream come true for the benefit of all Liberians.
The Liberian leader said the 4000-seated Conference Hall will be named after the late Indian Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi, while its construction will be funded by the Government of India.
President Weah was joined at the site by an array of senior government officials, including Indian Consul General to Liberia, Upjit Jetty and a cross-section of government officials, which signifies his commitment to upholding promises made to the nation and people.

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