Justice Banks Frowns on Judges

-As Lawyers Absent From Bar Assembly
Supreme Court Associate Justice Philips A. Z. Banks has frowned on judges and lawyers who did not attend the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) 2018 Annual Assembly.
“I am so disappointed at all judges and lawyers who stayed away from this assembly,” Justice Banks said, and warned them not to repeat such attitude.“This is a warning to you judges and lawyers who failed to attend this important event; this should be the last; any judge or lawyer who fails to attend this all-important program in the future will be penalized,” Justice Banks stressed.
Justice Banks sounded the caution Thursday at the Liberia National Bar Association Annual Assembly held at the Monrovia City Hall.
The theme for this year’s Assembly is: “Investing in the Rule of Law, A Sine Qua Non for Social, Political and Economic Sustainable Peace in Liberia”
Meanwhile, Justice Banks has called on LNBA President Cllr. Moses Paegar to make the warning he sounded as part of the judicial order for judges and lawyers who are in the constant habit of staying away from the Bar programs.
Justice Banks indicated that it is not good for judges and lawyers to stay away from the Bar Assembly, because there are a lot of things they need to know about judges and lawyers that they do not know.
Justice Banks, who will be retiring from the Supreme Court Bench as Associate Justice in June this year, promised to be more active in the legal system as a lawyer.
According to him, the Supreme Court requires judges who reach the age of seventy to retire.
He, however, promised the LNBA to always make himself available when called upon.
In remarks, LNBA President Paegar also expressed disgust and disappointment at judges and lawyers who did not attend the Annual Assembly of the Bar, and cautioned them to desist from this unwholesome act.
He stated that judges and lawyers should always attend the Bar assembly and must respect the rule of law.

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