Labor Minister To Begin Inspection

Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie

-Vows to Tackle Child Labor, Human Trafficking
The Ministry of Labor will on Monday, April 2, begin a rigorous inspection of workplaces across the country.
According to Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie, the move is intended to root out bad labor practices and resolve other trade union issues, as well as track child labor and human trafficking for appropriate action.
In response to a question about the Ministry’s stance on child labor at the Ministry of Information regular press conference Thursday, Minister Kollie said tackling this menace along with human trafficking is essential to the Labor Ministry and its partner, the International Labor Organization (ILO).Minister Kollie spoke of a pending “decent work country program” which is due to take place in Liberia shortly to deliberate several issues, including child labor and trafficking in persons.
He said during this program, participants from the Labor Ministry, ILO, and other stakeholders are expected to, among other things, discuss the training of staff that would have the expertise to detect acts of human trafficking and child labor being perpetrated anywhere in the country, and then report same to authorities for appropriate action. Meanwhile, Minister Kollie has vowed to recruit more Liberians to strengthen the Labor Ministry in the performance of its statutory mandate.
Speaking Thursday at the regular Ministry of Information press briefing, Minister Kollie said the recruitment would target Labor Commissioners, Inspectors and Solicitors, among others.
He also promised to partner with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to host a national dialogue on the ILO-initiated Decent Work Country Program (DWCP).
Minister Kollie disclosed that the Ministry of Labor in conjunction with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) will commence a vigorous nationwide inspection beginning Monday, April 2.
According to him, the exercise is intended to remind employers and employees about their cardinal responsibilities to abide by the Decent Work Act of 2015.
This exercise is also aimed at paving the way for the generation of much needed revenue and ensuring full compliance with the Decent Work Act of 2015.
The Labour Minister reaffirmed his Ministry’s commitment to the Pro-Poor Agenda of the Liberian Government.

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