Ellen Blamed

-For Not Implementing TRC Report
-But She Threatens Critics to Take Court Action, Not Gossip Abroad
The former Chairman of the disbanded Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Counselor Jerome J. Verdier Sr. has exposed the veil of rampant corruption that characterized the 12-year rule of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s in Liberia, adding that in the first place, she was one of those on the list of officials of government barred from holding public offices for 30 years in the TRC Report.He said: Liberia is poorer than when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took over. Inflation is sky-rocketing, the exchange rate with the US dollar has taken a deep 3 digit fall as all natural resources have been mortgaged by the Sirleaf clan, who are heavily vested and endowed in almost all of these deals.
Cllr. Verdier, who was appointed by President Sirleaf as head of the TRC in 2009, further revealed that Ellen left Liberia a highly polarized society, war and economic crimes perpetrators shielded by her without considerations of the victims of her war machine, and yet they heartlessly support her.
The killings, maiming, looting and brutal destruction of the country and the youth’s future is not excuse for killings and the assembly of the worse war machine ever unleashed on poor and innocent people in Africa.
Speaking in a radio interview by phone in Monrovia recently, Ex-President Sirleaf termed accusations made against her by the former TRC Chairman as baseless and lies, adding that she has nothing to fear about her role in the Liberian civil war, as she did nothing wrong.
Ex-President Sirleaf underscored that she did nothing wrong that may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, and therefore challenges anyone accusing her to forward formal complaints against her in the law courts in Monrovia rather than stay in the United States and talk lies.
According to former President Sirleaf, it is a blatant lie being propagated in the media that a U.S Federal District Court in Boston, Massachusetts, USA has issued a summon in a civil law court against her, defendant Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for being an international fundraiser for the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and for former President Charles Taylor and others.
It can be recalled that various newspaper reports have been hitting at the issuance of a court warrant against former President Sirleaf in the USA and in reaction, Mr. James Sirleaf, one of President Sirleaf’s sons defended her mother’s role in the entire civil war, noting that he will even fly to the United States to defend her and come back. He added that all the noises that he has heard are lies and falsehood.

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