2 Clergymen Guilty Of Property Theft

The Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “C”, Blamo Dixon, has rendered a guilty verdict on Bishop Manaseh Conto and Pastor Steve Kettor of the Mission for Today Church guilty of stealing from a Korean business company.
Pastor Kettor and Bishop Conto are said to have misapplied the company’s property while Pastor Kettor was serving as General Manager of the Korean Trading Company. Pastor Kettor was introduced to the Korean national Hungchi Choi, owner of the Korean Trading Company, by Bishop Conto to help him manage his business.
The Korea businessman entrusted Pastor Kettor with 39 vehicles valued at US$155,930 for rent and sale between July 2014 and February 2015.
During Pastor Kettor’s tenure as General Manager, the company commercialized and sold the vehicles when Choi fled the country as a result of Ebola outbreak in 2014.
The indictment also stated that the wife of defendant Kettor, Miracle Kettor and other individuals used five of the 39 vehicles as their private property, resulting to the depreciation of their prices from US$15,000 to US$14,000.
The indictment further stated that Bishop Conto took one of the Combi Buses from the Korean Trading Company and made a partial payment of US$5,500 for the bus that cost US$10,500, and has up to now not paid the balance of US$5,000.
Handing down the final Judgment Thursday, Judge Dixon said the testimonies of all witnesses and evidences adduced during the trial linked the defendants to the crime committed against the Korean businessman, and ordered them to restitute the amount in question
Judge Dixon ordered Bishop Conto to restitue US$9,500 and pay a fine of US$100, while Pastor Kettor is to restitue US$39, 623.10 and pay a fine of US $200.
Meanwhile, the court has withheld the sentence of imprisonment for the two clergymen to a later date, and has also suspended probation in keeping with the relevant provision of the sentencing guidelines of the judiciary.

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