Paye-Layleh, Fahngon

-Who Is Telling Lies?
Since his ascendancy to the Liberian presidency, His Excellency President George Manneh Weah has on several occasions reiterated his CDC government’s commitment to maintain and enlarge freedom of speech and expression and to create the enabling environment for journalists to operate in the discharge of their profession.
It is therefore surprising to many that hardly 3 months since coming to power; the CDC led administration is diverting its course by reneging on pledges of press freedom. Is the regime playing camouflage?According to Mr. Paye-layleh, who according to reports has resurfaced in the United States, he has been constrained to leave the country as his security is no longer guaranteed, following remarks made by President Weah that when he (Weah) was among those activists fighting for freedom, Paye-layleh, the BBC stringer was one of those against him.
President Weah made the remark at the conference room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during a joint press briefing with the visiting United nations Deputy secretary general Madam Amina Mohammed to climax the end of her visit.
Meanwhile speaking to journalists during the regular Thursday Ministry of Information press briefing at the Charles Gbenyon hall of the Ministry on April 5, 2018, Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs Eugene Fahngon set the record straight, by stating that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government of President George MannehWeah has not done anything to any journalist that may warrant him to flee the country.
“I have heard that a well-known and well respected BBC journalist has surfaced in the USA. He is the chairman of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) code of ethics committee which defends freedom of expression. President Weah simply said when I was fighting for freedom, Paye-Layeleh was against that,” he said.
The Ministry of Information Deputy Minister then narrated that although the remark was a frank expression of views, Paye-Layleh has written open letters to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and the First Lady Madam Clar Weah, adding that Liberia had had terrible memories of the past, and that if Paye-Layleh is in town, we stand to guarantee his freedom.
“But he is saying that his fears go beyond the possibility of the President ordering his arrest, as he has made him his enemy”, Minister Fahngon said.
According to Minister Fahngon Paye-Layeleh is speaking from presumption and assumption. “We understand where he is coming from and he should understand a new sheriff is in town”, he concluded. Writes John L.Momoh).

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