Pres. Weah Vows To Fulfill His Pro-Poor Agenda

President George MannehWeah has vowed to fully implement his government’s Pro-Poor Agenda to the satisfaction of the people of Liberia.
The Chief Executive observed that Liberia is a rich country that is blessed with lots of natural resources and, as such, every Liberian needs to enjoy the benefits of these resources.
President Weah made the comments on Thursday when he spoke to several Liberians residing in La Cote d’Ivoire during his visit to that country.Weah assured the Liberians that he will work hard to develop the country that they deserve, adding that his government is “not a free talk, but a talk and do government.”
“As a government, it is our responsibility to make sure that things work well, and I do believe that when I leave the presidency, Liberians will feel and understand the work of a leader who loves and believes in the trust of his people,” Weah said.
He informed the Liberians that his government is currently auditing the performance of ministries and agencies across the country to ensure that work is systematically done in order to give back things that belong to the people of Liberia.
Meanwhile President George MannehWeah is encouraging Liberians to remain resilient and hopeful that the long-awaited change they have sought over the years will be realized under his government.
The Liberian leader also wants Liberians to rise daily with a change of mind to remain positive in all of their undertakings, noting, “Success belongs to those who are positive in their minds and doings.”
“I want you to build hope; do not give up, and believe in what you can do; even if people say you are good for nothing, challenge them by proving that you are worth something,” the Liberian leader said.
President Weah further told Liberians in neighboring Cote d’Ivoire Thursday that he is successful in life because he was resilient and focused on his dreams and goals which he did without any form of skepticism, but rather optimism.
He acknowledged that despite winning the election among many competitors, he is fully aware of the need to deliver the expectations of the people, if he is to get re-elected.
Among many impending developments, President Weah promised to ensure the construction and rehabilitation of roads which, he said, will create access and encourage investors to explore rural parts of the country.
He recalled breaking grounds for the construction of the country’s first Military Hospital and on the same day broke grounds for the construction of a national conference center.

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