Renewable Energy Is Liberia’s Future

The GIZ health project has installed a solar system for their office building located in Congo Town meant to provide 20kwatt solar system with 24 batteries energy to be used by all computers, air conditioners, and lights in the large office building.
According to a press release, the German Development organization GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaftfuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit) has a lot of projects in Liberia, including support for the transport, health, regional resource governance and renewable energy sectors.GIZ Health project received 12 Air-Conditions which were installed, 5 Photocopy machines, 15 Laptop Computers, 12 Desktop Computers, 1 Refrigerator and 3 Water Machines.
The GIZ implemented Energy sector development project (EnDev), is a global initiative in 26 countries, funded by the governments of Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Since 2012, EnDev Liberia promotes solar electrification, building up markets for solar lanterns, solar dryers and improved cook stoves, strengthening expertise and resources and developing IT solutions. Staff from EnDev also supported the health project with their solar electrification.
The GIZ/EnDev Technical Project Coordinator Freeman K. Godu explained that at EnDev office in Congo Town Backroad they have decided to go from 40KVA generator and LEC to have solar energy installed at their office. According to him, they have benefited and saved a lot on fuel and LEC expenses. So the Health project decided to also switch to solar energy.
The solar systems at both EnDev and the Health project GIZ offices are SMA systems. This new technology can harvest energy from the sun and directly consume it, while excess power during harvesting can also be used to charge the batteries to provide power for the night.

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