Edana Launches Liberia’s 1st Online Photography Magazine

Paynesville City Hall was full of excitement recently as hundreds of patrons and organizers stormed the hall to launch Liberia’s first photography magazine.
The photography magazine which is the first of its kind in the country, capture images of Liberia’s talents, showcasing those major tourist sites in Liberia, while the occasion was also galvanized by Edana Models displaying their talents amidst jubilations.Guests arriving at the occasion were orderly, as they step into the Red carpet, where a photograph of them was taken as part of the protocol to be placed on the widely read editions of its online magazines, for those around the world.
Reports reaching this paper say, the guests were vividly seen in very long queues, as they wait to be captured by the lenses of Edana cameras, while others were seen taking individual photos with their mobile phones. “I am very much excited, for what I have seen, Edana Photography has beat my imagination, this is wonderful,” Branda Coleman stated.
“All Liberians need to support this effort by Edmond and others, this is indeed a wonderful venture, I believe, our individual supports towards this project will help improve the Liberian Art Sector,” she averred.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Edana Magazine, Edmond Lloyd is lauding all Liberians for their massive turn out and support to his dreams. According to him, it is the effort of all Liberians that allow him and others to reach this far.
He is at the same time calling on the Business Community, None Government NGOs and the Liberian Government to support his program, the Edana Photography.

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