Qatar Delegation Visit Liberia

Two Experts of the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs of the State of Qatar have arrived in the country, to hold discussions with the leaders ofLiberia Muslims Ummah and assess Islamic institutions in Liberia, for partnership and development. May Allah help our Ummah and strengthen Islam. AameenaAccording to a press statement, while in Liberia members of the delegation will meet with Liberian Muslim community leaders and assess institutions for partnership.
It is expected that Mr. Khalid Shaheen Al-Ghanim, Director of Islamic Affairs who will head the delegation, will hold discussions from April 16-19, before departing on the 20 April 2018.
Members of the two-man delegation comprise of representatives from Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs of the state of Qatar, Head of Delegation Mr. Khalid Shaheen Al-Ghanim and Eltarhir Adam EtahirHamed.
The entourage at the airport meet guests including Sheikh Akibu Sherif, Secretary General, National Muslim Council of Liberia, Mohamed M. Komara, Musa Bamba, Haji Sheku Dakowa, Brother Mohammed Swaray, Brother Mohammed Konneh, Sister Kula V. Fofana, and Ali El-haji Souleymane Oldman Sylla.

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