Nimba Lawmaker Holds Consultative Meeting

By Anthony Selmah
Nimba County District# 3 Representative, Joseph N. Somworbi has concluded a weeklong meeting with citizens of his district.
Chatting with journalists at his capitol building office in Monrovia on Wednesday, Hon. Joseph Somworbi disclosed that the meeting was intended to brief his people about development at the capitol building.
According to him, the meeting with the citizens was very much fruitful and laudable.Representative Somworbi disclosed that key issue that was highlighted in their meeting was the dual citizenship and land ownership debates before lawmakers that is taking place in every part of the country.
The Nimba County district#3 lawmaker added that he told them that the issue of dual citizenship is controversial, as while some of the citizens are in support of it, many other citizens are expressing fear.
According to him, at their meeting, some of the citizens suggested that the issue of the dual citizenship should be looked at keenly, before lawmakers should make decisions on it.
Representative Somworbi also stated that the meeting he had with the citizens of his county was very interactive, adding that he assured them that such a meeting with them that informs them with development trends about their deliberations at the Capitol Building should continue under his administration.
The Nimba County district#3 Representative disclosed that during their meeting, they also discussed about a program initiated by USAID, intended to train their local county leaders in dealing with leadership issues in the county.
He described the USAID leadership training program as very educative and in the right direction.
According to him, the USAID training program was also focusing on the issue of the land rights act.
Elaborating further, the Nimba county lawmaker added that the citizens of the county elected him to work in their interest and in the interest of Liberia at-large.
Representative Somworbi asserted that one of the problems that the citizens brought to his attention is the lack of farm to market roads, something that he said is serious, and needs to be looked into very quickly, as because of this problem the citizens usually find it difficult to take their goods to the market on time.

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