Probe Death Of Journalist Browm

-Urges LNP Urges Public
The Liberia National Police (LNP) has called on the public to allow the police to probe the death of Journalist Tyron Brown, urging them to desist from insinuations about the death of the fallen journalist.
Speaking on the ELBC Super Morning Show Wednesday, Police Spokesman Moses Carter said the public should stop making statements that will prejudice the LNP investigation.
Carter reminded the public that the issue is an investigative matter, and that the police are doing all they can to bring those responsible for the death of Journalist Browne to justice.The Police Spokesman noted that the LNP is interested in working with anyone who has information regarding the death of the young Liberian journalist.
“We are asking each and every one who may have information on the death of Browne to work with the LNP in making sure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice,” Carter stressed..
At the same time, the LNP Spokesman is urging the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to be mindful of how they release statements regarding the death of Browne.
Carter is of the opinion that the recent press statement issued by the PUL attempted to analyze the death of Browne by drawing a picture attaching the incident to a recent interaction involving BBC Journalist Jonathon Paye-layleh, Frontpage Africa’s Rodney Sieh and the Government of Liberia.
Carter reassured the public that there is no reason to panic and that the Liberian Government is not after anyone.
Meanwhile, Carter has applauded the move by businessman George Kailando in whose employ Brown was prior to his death for putting forth US$5,000 as a bounty for anyone who may have information about the death of Browne.
Carter said though Kailando’s effort is appreciated, the LNP is, however, cautioning him to stop making wild accusations, especially against the government.
He noted that Kailando being an Attorney-at-Law should know the consequences of making accusations in the absence of concrete evidence. (By Catherine Nyenkan/LINA)

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