Pres. Tolbert’s Legacy Lauded

-Nephew Describes Him, Others As Heroes
A nephew of the late President William R. Tolbert, Dr. Richard Tolbert, has disclosed that former President Tolbert, Liberia’s 19th President and those that were killed in the 1980 coup should be described as heroes because they played a vital role in the development transformation agenda of the country.
According to Dr. Tolbert who once served as the Chairman of the National Investment Commission and now Liberia’s Peace Ambassador, his late uncle and the rest of the individuals that were killed in the April 12, 1980 coup were great heroes that meant well for Liberia and her the citizens.He added that his late uncle and the rest of those individuals that were killed in the coup and afterwards were people who were passionate and committed to the discharge of their duties.
Dr. Tolbert observed that because of the vital role they played towards the country’s development drive, their names will forever be remembered in the history of Liberia.
According to him, his late uncle contributed greatly to the educational needs of many individuals, from all walks of life in the Liberian society.
He said the late Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert, Jr. can also best remembered for having excellently served as Liberia’s Vice President for 19 years under President William V.S. Tubman until 1971. A distinguished humanitarian and a local Baptist pastor, the late President gained international fame for having served with distinction as President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention, Inc. from 1948-1980.
After President Tubman’s death, vice President Tolbert ascended to the Presidency of Liberia in 1971 in line with the Liberian constitutional provisions, until his death in 1980.
Tolbert was not only an educator, but a fearless advocate of economic empowerment for the Liberian people irrespective of ethnic, regional and religious or political affiliation.He was an architect of Liberia’s Green Revolution meant to move the country towards self-sufficiency in food production. His goal meant to move Liberians out of poverty, was coined from mat to mattress.
For his part, Rev. William R. Tolbert lll called on Liberians to put behind them the ugly past, and put Liberia first above personal interest.He reminded them that gone should be the days when people were holding things against each other.
Rev. Tolbert further that Liberia is the only country they have, noting that Liberians needs to see reason and put behind the ugly past and that Liberia can be on path with other countries if only Liberians are willing to embrace each other.

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