Gov’t Clarifies Huge Salary Cuts

Sam Mannah

-Meant To Promote Pro-Poor Agenda Policy
By Charles P. Dennis
Presidential Press Secretary, Sam Mannah has clarified what he considers a misinterpretation by the general public of the announced salary cuts to affect members of the Executive Branch of government.
He indicated that contrary to what is being reported and circulated that the policy will take effect at the beginning of the new budget year, the reductions will be implemented effective May of this year.In a recent cabinet meeting, shortly before departing to attend the Franco-African Summit in Congo Brazzaville, a cabinet decision was taken to reduce the wages of top ranking members of the Executive Branch of Government.
It can clearly be seen that this tough measure by President George Manneh Weah is intended to help the government implement its Pro-Poor Agenda.
Making clarification concerning the issue following the cabinet meeting, the Presidential Press Secretary, Sam Mannah revealed the new adjustments in salaries of members of the Executives will take effect as of next month, adding that the new salary limit of all appointed officials of government working in the Executive Branch of government will be USD7,800 and that no single person working in the Executive will make a salary that will exceeds seven thousand, eight hundred U.S. dollars.
The Presidential Press Secretary indicated that an additional ten percent deduction will be applied on the salaries of those public officials in the Executive whose salaries range between five thousand to seven thousand eight hundred United States dollars.
This move by President George Manneh Weah is seen by many as a fulfillment of the Liberian Government’s pro-poor agenda, the key pillar of the platform of the CDC-led Government.
It is clear that there is sustained pressure on the Weah-led Administration to deliver, as the government was brought to power on the popular will of the people, and failure on the part of the Administration will be seen as a complete betrayal of the loyalty of the people on whose backs the regime ascended to the presidency.
It is not clear where the government intends to divert the resources expected to be realized from these massive cuts, but there are speculations that the Government may channel the fund towards its campaign to lift under privileged Liberians out of poverty.
The Government recently launched a campaign at the Monrovia City Hall, aimed at raising resources to benefit Liberians who are living below the poverty line, giving them a new life.
Although, this initiative is seen by many as a lifeline of hope for the poor population of the country, others, especially those who will be directly affected by the cuts, could see the action as a lowering of their economic status, as this could signal a huge deduction in their chopping and lavished lifestyles.
It can be recalled that recent regimes, people working in the Executive, especially those occupying ministerial positions in the country, have led a wasteful and lavish lifestyle due to the huge salaries and bonuses they received.
Since the Weah-led regime claims to be a pro-poor government, Liberians are having their eyes wide open and their ears on alert to follow every action by the administration in its attempt to deliver on its agenda, holding the government accountable to deliver on its campaign pledges of lifting ordinary Liberians out of the dungeon of poverty to prosperity.

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