Tolbert’s Son Detained For Rape

By Kermu O. Massaquoi
Police has arrested Sean Tolbert, son of the late Finance Minister Stephen A. Tolbert Son, who resides at Mamba Point for allegedly raping a 15 year sold girl identified only as MK.
Sean Tolbert was arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and investigated in the presence of his Lawyer Swaliho A. Sesay on the basis of the allegation levied against him by the victim’s mother Cynthia Kwapo of the same address who stated that defendant Tolbert sexually abused and raped her daughter both in her anus and in her private part sometime during this April MonthThe victim said while visiting the Grace Embassy church located in Mamba Point, one lady identified as Mama informed her about a person wanting to speak to her on the Telephone, but she replied that she was not interested in answering to the phone call.
After some time, her friend Mama told her to go along with her somewhere and surprisingly to her, Mama took her to the defendant Sean Tolbert’s residence in the Mamba Point Community.
While at the home of the defendant, he explained to her that he always been monitoring and admiring her at the Grace Embassy Church, the victim said.
MK added that while leaving his residence, defendant Tolbert gave to each of her friends Grace and Janet who accompanied her the amount of USD$20 each, asking them to fall in love with him. He later began to give them money, ranging from twenty dollars USD to one hundred and fifty United State Dollars (150) to each person.
Meanwhile, the victim MK told the police investigation team that during the month of March 2018, she went to the defendant’s house and he offered her French fried and Chocolate to eat but while eating the Chocolate, her eyes got dizzy and later fell asleep in the defendant’s room.
According to her, during the evening hours she decided to wake up from the defendant’s bed, but she later observed blood coming out from both her vagina and anus, and realized that she had sustained sore and swollen rectum and her vagina was seen with milky discharge, and her rectum was bruised.
Base upon the facts and evidence gathered by the police, against defendant Tolbert by the victim MK and testimonies from witnesses, Sean Tolbert was immediately charged with the crime of Statutory Rape in violation of chapter 14 sub chapter D, section 14.70 (a)(1)(b), of the 2005 Rape laws of Liberia and forwarded to court for trial.

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