Weah’s Liberia

President George MannehWeah

-3 Months After, Can Boakai Receive Work Benefits?
Barely 3 months after taking succeeding Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Liberia’s 24th President, (January 22, to April 22, 2018), Ambassador George MannehWeah now seems very comfortable on the presidential seat, as he has surely consolidated his grip on power.
Right now opposition parties in the country appear to be in disarray. The leader of the Liberty Party Counselor Charles Walker Brumskine has asked his party to be recused, the most senior lawmaker representing his party in the National Legislator Senator Nyanblee Karnga-Lawrence has been given the crucial task of heading the party. Sometimes during the election campaign era, it was widely rumored that Cllr. Brumskine was the favored choice of Madam Sirleaf to succeed her and hence was doing everything possible to bankroll his campaign, but unfortunately the final results of the elections was beyond his imagination as the LP performed miserably.
The series of setback that befell the Unity Party of ex-Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, also today no sign of abetting despite that the party can today be branded as Liberia’s largest opposition party as they came out as second place winner in the election and in the presidential run-off election. To add salt to injury, after the elections or even before the UP had been threatened with disintegration or division.

Ex-Vice President Boakai

Barely few weeks to the election, VP Boakai surprised Liberians by breaking the news that the UP Flag bearer emeritus and her children are no longer rendering support to his bid for the presidency as they have become members of Ambassador George Weah’s CDC party. This statement was made few weeks after Madam Sirleaf showed up at the Vice President’s birthday gathering at the ATS Football stadium in a show of support for Boakai’s presidency.
One staunch supporter of the UP told this paper under anonymity that he admires President Weah’s leadership prowess so far including his reconciliatory gestures to opposition politicians to criticize the weaknesses of the government and his expression of commitment to the operation of a free press, but he should avoid targeting individuals as scapegoats or for witch-hunting as this will mea

Cllr. Brumskine

n saying one thing and doing another.
This is why it is a great surprise to many to hear that or to read in the newspapers that ex-VP Boakai’s pension benefits from the Liberian government are still deliberately unpaid despite his decades of sacrificial services as a humble civil servant especially as Managing Director of the defunct LPMC and Minister of Agriculture and as vice President for 12 unbroken years allegations to which government has not made a comment.

Many Liberians can also raise eyebrows to learn that despite the president’s pronouncements strange things can be happening regarding sincerity towards press freedom such as Jonathan Paye-Laye-leh fleeing the country allegedly for fear of his life, a charge that has been refuted by government.

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