-Konneh Vows To Create Jobs
As part of its support to improving the agriculture sector of Liberia, the Deputy Director General for Operations and Technical Services of the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Authority (LACRA), formerly the Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC), Mr. Musa Konneh has started distributing items to the workers who recently got employment at the entity. The items were distributed at Compound two (2), Grand Bassa County farm which was recently opened by the LACRA Deputy Director.Speaking to worker, the Acting Director General said that the entity will soon start the production of Cocoa, Coffee, Palm oil and other commodities in collaboration with our partners in fulfillment of the provisions of the act that established LACRA.
Commanding the Acting Director General, the Deputy Speaker at the 54th National Legislature Hon. Prince Moye command the Management of LACRA for the recent efforts geared towards revamping and promoting agriculture activities in the Country.
Hon. Moye had a brief conversation with acting Director General at LACRA Hon. Musa Konneh when the LACRA team went to Grand Bassa to present items to the workers who recently received employment at the entity.
The Bong County Representative said, he will be excited when the entity underscores the dire need to improve the sector in other parts of Liberia. He then admonished Director Konneh and his team to remain steadfast in their efforts to improve the agricultural sector of the country where the farmers will once again feel part of the process and they would in return, accrue much capital from their products.

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