Weah’s 100 Days

President George MannehWeah

The Report card of President George Manneh Weah, in the period covering his first 100 days in office from January 22, 2018 to May2, 2018,cannot be entirely considered a failure.
In fact in the opinion of a cross-section of Liberians, compared to the records of several Liberian Presidents in recent times, Weah has so far done extremely very well, especially when it comes to maintaining peace and stability in the country.Information Minister Nagbe for his part is saying that Weah is a talk and do President as to his utmost surprise he has ordered the beginning of work on the Military Hospital project by laying the bricks, adding that we have already accessed the funding for the coastal roads and actual work on the feasibility studies will begin soon.
Minister Nagbe has also commended the Liberian press for the fine works that they continue to do, adding that the press is an indispensable tool for promoting democracy, good governance and enhancing peace and that the gains that Liberia has made in the area of press freedom is irreversible.
Peace can be defined in many ways. When you can go to bed at least fed for the day, expecting rewards to upkeep your household at the end of the month and can sleep safely in a secured environment and able to send your children to school, transportation is running uninterrupted and there is freedom of movement and expression, you are much more in peace than people who are in worry for these things.
The Ministry of Commerce, for example, is working very hard to bring sanity into the commercial sector by rigidly enforcing the laws and imposing fines on violators such as those business entities selling expired goods on the Liberian market, while transportation cost a5e being monitored to ensure that they conform the present rates despite the astronomical fluctuations in exchanging the US dollar into the Liberian dollar, among others.
The problems facing the government of President Weah are enormous to be tackled within a relatively short period. We cannot expect the CDC party led administration to work miracles overnight. But as several respondents of those asked to rate the President’s 100 days deliverables in office have indicated, the success of Weah’s administration depends on his ability to diversify the Liberian economy to the point that goods are exported abroad to fetch foreign exchange reserve into the country.
According to some students of the Agriculture College at the University of Liberia, the President needs to prioritize agriculture to the extent that coffee, cocoa are massively exported, invest in rice production, animal husbandry and fisheries sector so that Liberians will not be importing basic food items from neigh boring countries especially those items such as pepper, cassava, eddoes, banana and plantain that can be grown in the country.
In the views of Emmanuel Dro and Elijah M. Kollie of the University of Liberia and President and Vice President respectively of the proposed Liberia Agricultural Students Union (LASU), “reliance on loans and grants alone will not solve Liberia’s problems, once massive investment is made in the agricultural sector, government will be able to conserve funds to engage in bringing sanity to the exchange rates crisis which is in turn leading to the high prices of basic goods and services, rice price and petroleum products”.
Government will also be able to implement nationwide road construction initiatives, tourism development, and building the capacity of our educational and health institutions, while investing to enhance the climate of the rule of law and freedom of expression in the country. +(Writes John L. Momoh).

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