Gbarpolu Citizens Applaud Speaker Chambers

-For Advocating National Development
By Kermu O. Massaquoi
Citizens of Gbarpolu County Belle District have applauded Honorable Bhofal Chambers for his relentless advocating role for development to reach every part of Liberia for the benefit of Liberians.
The group Spokesperson Mr. Milton K. Dwana said Hon Chambers who started his advocacy for his people in the Pleebo District, in Maryland County when he was elected as their Representative, has since taken his advocacy across the Country, as thousands of Liberians continue to benefit from his advocacy for good governance, health, quality education, the rules of law among others.He observed that speaker Chambers’ strong advocacy in 2017 brought an opportunity for High in an international competition in the United State of America (USA), in Science and Technology Robot construction.
He said at a time that the Liberian government failed to sponsor these students that were to go and participate in the competition, Dr. Chambers took the responsibility as a realist without any regret to sponsor seven(7)high school students to train them at home before sending them to the USA to represent the country.
These students have returned to their country with pride and great honor as they defeated other students from other nations around the worldincluding the United State of America, China, Japan, Nigeria, Ghana among others at all levels, thereby helping to put Liberia on the map for their excellent performance in Science and Technology.
Meanwhile, Mr. Dwanaregrets that since that time, the Liberian government, through the Ministry Education, is yet to show love and appreciation to those good students that brought pride to their country.
He said he has therefore written to appeal in favor of those students to the Education Minister, so that the new Education Minister Prof D. AnsuSonii will kindly appreciate them for the hard work they did in 2017 for the sake of record.
He noted that it is also good to appreciate a decent citizen like Honorable Chambers, because he is one of the honest persons that has moral values and integrity in the circle of the Weah administration, adding that this is why we decided to appreciate such a good man in government.

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