Liberia Legislative Delegation Begins Engagement At British Parliament

A seven member delegation from the House of Representatives will begin a week long engagement with the British Parliament, key education and policy institutions beginning Monday, 7th May 2018. The Liberian legislative delegation will hold discussions with their counterparts at the British Parliament in Westminster.
According to the British Group Inter-Parliamentary Union (BGIPU), the occasion represents the first Liberian legislative delegation to the United Kingdom, for more than four decades.Speaking at The Embassy of Liberia near London, the BGIPU Deputy Director, Dominique Rees, asserted that the policy exchanges will highlight Liberia’s deepening democratic gains, while leveraging the role of Parliament in shaping UK policies and fostering democracy globally.
Madam Rees said, the delegation will hold high level discussions with specialised committees of the House Commons, including the Select Committee on Education, International Development along with a designated round table with members of the All- Party Parliamentary Committee on Africa.
The Delegation will also be hosted by leading International Affairs think-tank Chatham House, with a focus on “The Future of Liberia’s Democracy and Development: The Role of the National Assembly”. The team will be immersed in a constituency encounter and a tour at World renowned Oxford University. The events will be preceded by a tour and an overview of the Westminster Parliamentary system.
In Response, The Charge d’ affaires a.i. at the Embassy of Liberia near London, Mrs. Famattta Morris-Manu, said the visit of the delegation from Liberia further affirms greater collaboration between Monrovia and London. She hailed the coordination with the BGIPU and other British Government agencies leading the strategic bilateral exchange.
She noted that the focus and structure of the Westminster Interaction is appropriately aligned with Liberia’s development priorities; stressing sustained emphasis on strengthening Liberia’s democratic gains.
Madam Manu said another key highlight of the visit, is Monday’s Town Hall meeting with the Liberian UK-Diaspora at Fitzroy House. The Town hall meeting, the top Liberian diplomat indicated, will give the legislators a direct feed of Liberians and their perspective on the country’s development and progress.
The members of the delegation include: Nimba County Representative and Co-chair of the Committee on Public Works, Hon Johnson Gwaikolo. Montserrado County Representative and Chair of the Committee on Executive, Hon Muna E. Pelham Youngblood,.
Montserrado County Representative and Chair of the Modernisation Committee, Hon Rustonlyn Dennis. Others include Rivercess County Representative and Chair of the Committee on Internal Affairs, Hon Byron Zahnwea; Lofa County Representative and Chair of the Committee on Gender Equity and Child Development, Hon Julie F. Wiah; and Maryland County Representative who’s also Co- Chair on The Committee on Education. The delegation also includes, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representative, Madam Mildred Sayon.

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