PATEL Decries Fake Group

-Seeks Gov’t Intervention
What is the real and the counterfeit PATEL? Is it the one with its National Office on 19th Street or the PATEL with the National office on Newport Street?
The founder and Chairman of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs calling on the government of Liberia including the Ministry of Justice and Commerce to intervene in resolving the business name-patent rights conflict between his rights advocacy group PATEL with National headquarters on 19th Street and another on PATEL Newport Street in Monrovia.According to Mr. Tenwah who heads the first and original PATEL headquarters office on 19th Street, Sinkor, as a patriotic and law-abiding citizen of Liberia, in view of the complications that has emerged out of the issue, sometimes last year he forwarded the matter to the Criminal Court ‘B’in the Temple of Justice, where the court found the impersonating group guilty.
Speaking to journalists further, Presley S. Tenwah said all he wants the Liberian government to do is to make sure that the rule of law prevails in the country to the extent that no one commits a crime and go unpunished. “Since the court under the gavel of Judge Scheaphor R. Dunbar on the 23, November, 2017 they have been buying time pretending to be making an appeal while they are not following the appeal procedures,” he said with vexation.
He said after the guilty verdict they asked for an appeal and were asked by the court to go through the procedures and since then they have not done son while at the same time continuing to solicit for funds and members with our PATEL name petent and logos, as the bill of exception has not been filed.
“PATEL then wrote the court to know if they have filed the appeal within the statutory period, and in reaction they wrote a letter to PATEL giving a bundle of lies besmearing the character of the PATEL founder and chairman Mr. Tenwah, accusing him of being a dictator, when in fact they were not part of PATEL,” Tenwah said.
The PATEL boss said: ‘We challenge their false accusations against me in their letter to me in the court and ask that they retract their statement, as they are masqueraders found guilty by the courts, their approach undermines the objective of PATEL which is to encourage Liberianization in business and the spirit of Liberian entrepreneurship. We encourage business competition that is done in a different name with a different logo not PATEL.
According to Tenwah, they encourage all their African brothers in business but it should be done in a healthy and transparent and law-abiding way, as President Weah do not want Liberaians to remain as spectators in their own economy.
.”This is why we urge the Ministry of Commerce through the Liberia Business Registry and patent regulations and the Ministry of Justice to make sure that justice is done, as justice delayed is justice denied,” Tenwah concluded.

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