REACH Employed to Reduce Malnutrition

By Robert Dixon
The Renewed Efforts against Child Hunger and under nutrition (REACH) says since its establishment in 2008 it has successfully employed and refined a country-center, multi-sectaria approach to help strengthen national capacities for nutrition governance and scale up of nutrition actions to reduce malnutrition.REACH is a United Nations inters-agency partnership founded by the United Nations Food and Agriculture ( FAO,) United Nations Children Fund ( UNICEF), the World Food Program( WFP) and the World Health Organization ( WHO).
In a document released Monday from the WFP it plays a prominent role in the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, supporting the SUN agenda and objectives both at global level and at country level through its support to strengthening SUN processes on the ground.
The document noted that in 2014 Liberia joined the SUN movement with a letter of commitment from then Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale.
According to the document, As a SUN country, Liberia is obligated to achieving nutrition targets. “
The SUN movement evaluates institutional transformations using four key processes”.
The processes are as follow: Bringing People Together into a Share Space for Action, ensuring a Coherent Policy and Legal Framework, Aligning Actions around a Common Results Framework (CRF), Financial Tracking and Resource Mobilization.
The document says REACH support has, to date, been deployed at the request of 22 country governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, most recently with funding from Irish Aid.
Irish Aid the document indicated intends to continue its support to REACH in 2018 and Liberia has been selected as a potential country.
The UN Network/REACH secretariat is conducting a mission to Liberia- April 30-May jointly with Irish Aid to facilitate consultations among key stakeholders to better understand and build consensus on the
current status of nutrition governance, perceived gaps and potential activities that could be supported through REACH in 2018.
The document pointed that WFP Liberia country office has been requested by UNN/REACH Global Secretariat to coordinate this mission.
The document noted that the Outcomes of REACH is to increased awareness and consensus of stakeholders of the nutrition situation and Strengthened national policies and programmes, increased human and institutional capacity for multi-sectoral nutrition governance at all levels increased efficiency and accountability and Harmonized and coordinated UN efforts
The document stressed that REAH approach is to help to ensure relevance & tailor support to country context and Instils government ownership, Alleviates pressure on SUN FPs, who often has other
jobs/duties, Builds trust & empowers diverse stakeholders to engage in nutrition governance processes

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