Bad Labour Practice At CEMENCO?

This paper has uncovered that the management of Heiderberg Cement (CEMENCO) has over the past years engaged in bad labour practices, thereby breaching the Labour law and the 2015 Decent Work Act of Liberia, at the detriment of Liberian working at the entity.
For the past three years now, the management of Heiderberg Cement Group has a Ghanian national, Emmanuel Asante serving as its Comptroller, a position that is exclusively supposed to be occupied by Liberians in keeping with the Labour Law of the country; something the company’s management has vehemently refused to rectify following series of engagement by this paper.Apart from serving as the entity’s Comptroller, our investigation has uncovered that Asante has also been the mastermind behind the employment of several of his kinsmen at the company, most of whom our
Investigation discovered did not and have not yet obtained work permit from the Ministry of Labour.
This paper garther that several Liberians have served the company for over ten years as contractors and that the entity has refused to give them employment status, while a bulk of the others are serving as
casual labourers, with the hope of getting contractor status; a situation that makes our people to appear like strangers in their own land.
Chapter 1 Section 1.2 of the Decent Work Act of 2015 is intended to promote the attainment of decent work in Liberia by establishing a regulatory environment which facilitates the creation of quality
Employment and to ensure respect for the protection of fundamental rights of workers in Liberia.
All effort to reach the management of the company prove futile as our reporter was prevented from entering the company’s compound by the security on grounds that he was mandated by the management not to do so.

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