ECC Releases Final Report on Liberia’s 2017 Electoral Process

The Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) has released its final observation report on Liberia’s 2017 electoral process.
Making the disclosure on ECOWAS Radio Wednesday, ECC head Oscar Bloh said based on the observation of different components of the electoral process, they were convinced that there was need for major electoral reforms, particularly within the legal framework of the process.Bloh stated that the report also highlights the need for electoral reform, looking at reducing Presidential influence on the appointment of officials of the National Elections Commission (NEC), as well as reducing “too much authority” of the chairperson of the Elections Commission.
He said this was not aimed at a particular person, but was a way of ensuring that there is a level playing field.
He noted that the report is also intended to enhance cordiality at the level of the leadership of NEC, as well as the need to reform the date of the election which is currently held during the height of the rainy season, undermining the operation of NEC as well as placing logistical constraints in the distribution of electoral materials.
Bloh stressed the need to ensure that an ad-hoc electoral dispute management body is established to ensure that NEC is not just a referee but also a player.
He said they are also convinced that the judicial power that has been given to the NEC by the constitution needs to be amended.
The ECC official also stressed the need for the establishment of an ad-hoc electoral tribunal that will be charged with the responsibility to independently share all electoral materials.

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