GOL Observes Open Government Week, Holds Round-Table Discussions

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has commenced the observance of “Open Government Week” to create awareness on the Open Government Partnership (OGP).
The Open Government Week celebration meeting, which was convened at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, brought together stakeholders involved in a high-level round table discussion aimed at proffering and sharing knowledge on the enhancement of Liberia’s OGP Action Plan, among others.Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, during the discussion, told the participants that the OGP is intended to provide information to the citizens of Liberia through a framework that promotes Good Governance, Accountability, and Transparency
“When we signed the Open Government Partnership last year, we signed a partnership with ourselves, our partners and the people of Liberia,” Nagbe said.
Nagbe noted that the OGP provides the best platform for transparency in government by including the citizens in the governance process.
Also speaking at the occasion, Deputy Information Minister for Administration, Daniel Gayedyu Jr., who is also Chairman on the OGP Steering Committee, termed the Freedom of Information Act and the Table Mountain Declaration as key achievements in Liberia’s quest to operationalize the OGP.
Gayedyu, however, emphasized that there are still some challenges that are hindering the enhancement of the OGP Action Plan of Liberia.
He named some of the challenges as the lack of ownership by Ministries and Agencies, poor information disclosure, lack of understanding of OGP among state actors, poor awareness of OGP in government and the limited response to most of the commitments in the OGP Action Plan to the citizens.
For his part, the Head of Accountability Lab and Co-Chair on the OGP steering committee, Lawrence Yealue, lauded the Ministry of Internal Affairs for providing 15 Public Information Officers to the OGP and urged the various heads of Ministries and Agencies to appoint PIOs at their various workplaces in order to foster the OGP.
The OGP is administered by a Chairman, Co-chairman, and Secretariat.
It has four thematic areas and ten commitments. The thematic areas are Transparency, Citizen Participation, Accountability and Integrity, and Technology and Innovation.

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