Veteran Liberian Weaver Hails GoL, Partner

Varney at his workshop in Matadi

-For Weaving Center Project
A veteran Liberian Weaver, Varney Kanneh has hailed the Government of Liberia and partner for constructing the first Textile Industry in his county of nativity (Lofa County), describing the selection of a rural community for said project as a true meaning of decentralization intended to touch the lives of rural dwellers.
Speaking from his workshop in Matadi recently following news of completion of construction of the Women Weaving Center in Kolahun District, Lofa County, the veteran Liberian Weaver Kanneh expressed delight over the project.
He added that, the construction of textile industry has restored their lost dignity and has, at the same time, renewed their (weavers) hope for a better future.“We are gratified by this initiative. It has given us relief and above all, it has renewed our hope for better future”, the Liberian Weaver expressed.
Mr. Kanneh however pleaded with the government of President Weah to see reason to quickly furnish the facility and get it ready for business, something he said will compel them (weavers) to migrate with their family to the site.
According to him, furnishing the building with the necessary equipment or machineries for operations will boost government’s revenue generating capacity and also enhance their individual livelihoods.
He bragged about their experience to manage the center to its full capacity, noting, their involvement into the management of the industry will fast track preparatory works.
He claimed that a well-coordinated and Government supported Weaving project would minimize the importation of cotton cloths and at the same time help to build the capacity of local weavers.
At the same time, Varney Kanneh has described weaving as a unique act that portrays a true African values. He believes that a well-functioning national culture and arts would bring credibility to the old time profession.
Meanwhile, Varney Kanneh wants concern officials of government, especially the Lofa County caucus to appoint individuals with requisite skills and experience to manage the center.
Activities leading to the construction of Textile Industry in Liberia began in June 2016, at which time the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that it has procured funding to construct Women Weaving Center in Liberia.
The project is being implemented under the Rural Industrial Promotion Program for Economic Empowerment with support from the Government of Japan.
The title of the project is Lofa Women Weaving Center and is intended to promote the advancement of local production and reduce the reliance on the importation of raw materials and as well enhance value with in the textile industry of Liberia.
The project is expected to provide about 350 jobs as well as provide hands-on training for several others.

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