New UL Registration Process Lauded

By; Naneka Hoffman
The student Representative to the UL Council Mr.Orando S. Fallah has extolled the President of Liberia George Manneh Weah, and the President of the University of Liberia Dr. Ophelia Weeks, for introducing the first phase of the automated registration system at the university of Liberia.
He added that it has significantly reduced the challenges associated with the registration process at the state-run University. Speaking during a press conference which took place at the UL main campus on capital bye-pass, the student Representative Mr. Orando S. Fallah said that for so long the registration process at the University of Liberia was characterized by corruption, predisposition, discredit and moral bankruptcy.
Mr. Orando S. Fallahhowever stated that achievement of such project could have been a failure without the intervention of his Excellency President George M. Weah who provided the needed financial resources. He added: we arethankful to the pro-poor agenda policy president for his timely involvement.
Meanwhile, the student Representative Mr. Orando S. Fallahhas noted that this system is one of the best for speeding up the current registration process; adding that the level of passion, dedication and commitment demonstrated by workers of Mwetana company.
He added that this is coupled with the effectiveness and efficiency of the system which has a performance credentials, with some Liberian Companies despite the social, political and economic difficulties.
Mr. Fallah also warned individuals who are moving from office to office and from one student group to another in their naked quest to undermine the unique system and continue the accumulation of illegal wealth through the exploitation of our students to immediately stop or risk been exposed in the soonest possible time.
He stated that students must accept these positive changes that will put the University on path with other Universities in the world.

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