Official Urges Residents To Obtain Birth Certificates

The Principal Registrar of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Mr. Prince K. Momolu, has urged people born in Liberia to obtain their birth certificates.
The birth certificate is legitimately issued to people who are born in Liberia, whether they are citizens or aliens, he said.Speaking Thursday in an exclusive interview with the Liberia News Agency at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Momolu disclosed that people applying for birth certificates are always in a rush, creating a major challenge for the bureau.
He cautioned residents applying for birth certificates not to wait for occasions such as scholarship, job, among others, before filing for birth certificates.
Meanwhile, Momolu has disclosed that some unscrupulous persons were recently caught forging birth certificates at the Bureau and forwarded to the legitimate authority for investigation.
He cautioned the public against dealing with individuals who are not in the employ of the Bureau of Vital Statistics, stating that all employees have jackets and identification cards, who clients must “insist to know whom they are dealing with.”
He stated that the BVS is working in close collaboration with the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) to detect unqualified persons applying for birth certificates in Liberia.
The Bureau of Vital Statistics, a department within the Ministry of Health, has the mandate to issue birth and death certificates, collect, compile and disseminate health information (data), supervise health research, and monitor health programs in Liberia.

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