Reviewing Education System

-Education Minister Explains Upcoming Summit
The Ministry of Education of Education will be hosting a National Educational Summit involving all stakeholders in Liberia’s educational sector on the campus of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) from May 21 to May 24, 2018.
Addressing the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular Thursday press briefing at the Ministry of Information Hall yesterday, Education Minister Prof. D. Ansu Sonii, the architect and host of the Summit outlined that in view of criticisms and challenges in the educational system, his Ministry is making collective efforts to harness quality education for every Liberian child.According to Prof. Sonii, this landmark event which will bring together approximately 300 education specialists, policy makers, parents, teachers, business and community leaders and students and those interested in seeing the success of Liberia’s education system will be opened by President George Manneh Weah.
President Weah is expected to highlight the government’s vision for education as a key pillar of government’s pro-poor Agenda, and an outline of his government’s approach to working alongside key stakeholders and experts to give the Liberian children the best possible start in life.
He added that this government recognizes education as a priority and a robust need to improve the life chances of Liberians and contribute to the sustained development of Liberia for the benefit of everyone.
Prof. Sonii noted that this summit which will be held under the theme – ‘Prioritizing Education: Why We Should Care’, will expect special presentations will be made by the country’s development partners such as the Global Partnership for Education, the World Bank, USAID and many other local and international partners.
Prof. Sonii who has spent a lifetime career in the educational sector in Liberia said the objective of the summit is to present findings from key assessments of the education sector including ESA and other reports from the sector.
“We will also present the pro-poor agenda perspectives for quality education in Liberia. Identify workable solutions that contribute to an improved education system; present rationale for increments in allocation to the educational sector in the national budget and obtain shared commitments for educational advancement in Liberia,” Prof. Sonii said.
He said the reason why the summit will be held for 4 days is to provide opportunities for key stakeholders to review the education sector, provide independent perspectives of the status of the sector, and develop consensus around a shared vision for the improvement of the education system in in Liberia.
“The summit will assess implementation progress at both the county and national levels, as this administration anticipates that tangible steps can be agreed on during this summit to begin to make the improvements that the Liberian people wish to see,” he said.
The Education Minister observed that during this summit he will make an official declaration in order to build on previous gains and learn from existing challenges, adding that “we have undertaken a wide range of engagements with stakeholders and a nationwide assessment of schools. This has provided us with first hand information about the issues affecting education in Liberia today.”(By John L. Momoh).

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