Criminal Cartel On The Rampage

-Minister Of State Alarms
A group of unidentified individuals described a “criminals” by Liberia’s Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, are said to be on the rampage coaxing their victims and making financial gains under the pretense to offer them jobs in government.
These individuals, according to report are using the name, Nathaniel McGill, Minister of States for Presidential Affairs to make their money.
But in reaction to the report, Min. McGill categorized individuals involved in the cartel or syndicate as ‘criminals’ who are tapping on his “hard character.”Speaking to this paper Monday, May 14, at his Congo Town residence, the Minister said, the action was dangerous in these contemporary times and age.
“This is totally unacceptable and those that are engaged in such practices are criminals and desperate to survive at the expense of my connection with President George Weah. In fact, some of them sent a SMS text to someone who is already a minister that I’m seeking his résumé’ so that the president could appoint him. How possible can that be, when that person is already working as minister for one of the ministries,” McGill wondered in bewilderment.
He said, the National Security Agency and the Liberia National Police are already investigating the matter adding that “and I think someone has already been arrested but the bulks are still out there and it is my prayer that more arrests can be made in order to curtail the ugly situation.”
Min. McGill clarified that he does not have jobs to give anyone, adding that it is the President that can nominate or appoint in consent with the Liberian Senate.
“I don’t have job to give anyone only the President can appoint. What I can do at times, is when the President asks for my recommendation. It is embarrassing for people to be using my name to extort money from people in the name of giving them jobs, which is far from me. I enjoy the confidence of the President and the good thing is, the President knows me very well.”
Commenting on his loan deal from the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), McGill who led the Coalition for Democratic Change to its first Presidential victory pointed out that he’s proud to be minister that sought loan to secure house for himself and his family.
“My salary cannot afford me a house now and as minister, I need home for myself and family and the best option is to secure a loan from the bank to buy a house. It would have been bad and criminal, if I had stolen money from the government but nothing is wrong with it, it is a clean deal. I also want to encourage Liberians and officials to make use of the bank sector in securing loan,” he added.
Meanwhile, the former Chair of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) narrated that President Weah has drastically cut officials of government salaries and allowances. “The highest payfor a minister or head of agency of government is US$7,800. We also cut 10 percent from salaries as announced by the President during his Annual Message. So, we are earning less money than past officials of government,” he concluded.

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