VP Taylor Supports A United Bong

By Charles P. Dennis
Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor has revealed that she does not personally support the division of Bong County into Upper and Lower, adding that with a united force, the county could be developed.
The Liberian Vice President made the assertion Monday when she appeared as a guest on a local radio talk show (Truth Breakfast Show) on the Renaissance Communication Incorporated in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.
VP Taylor indicated that the people of Bong County could still achieve their dreams and aspirations, with equal distribution of resources, under one united county, stressing that the creation of a county within another county could add extra burden on the already struggling economy of the country; the creation of a new county from the lower section of Bong would compel compare the central government to set up a new administration headquarters.
The Vice President, who also hails from Lower Bong County where the advocacy for a new county is generating from, twice served as Senator of the county before her ascendency to the current post. It is reported that the former Bong County Senator has her major support base in Lower Bong.
It can be recalled some citizens of Bong County, hailing from the lower section of the county, backed by some members of the county’s Legislative Caucus, are calling for a separation from the main land, to be named Lower Bong County.
The issue, which is currently before the Legislature, is reported to have created deep division within the county, as the idea of the creation of a new county is being mainly embraced by residents of Lower Bong who feel marginalized in the allocations of development projects and other benefits to the county.
The VP further revealed that, although, she supports a united and one strong Bong County, she will not impose her will on her people, adding that if the people of Bong County, through a referendum, decide to split the county into two, she will be left with no other option, but accept the will of the people.
It is no secret that the Government of President George MannehWeah is handling the Bong County’s issue with caution, as the county, being the third vote-rich county in Liberia, played a crucial role in bringing the current government into power.

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