Ramadan Messages Coming Out!

-Monrovia Mayor Wishes Muslims Well
As Liberian Muslims join their fellow worshippers around the World to fast and pray, Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson T. Koijee has desired all Muslims a holy month of Ramadan with peace, prosperity, love, and happiness.
“As Muslims in Liberia join the rest of the world to observe one of the five pillars of Islam, I want to wish them, on behalf of the City Government of Monrovia, a joyous and prosperous Ramadan.” During the period of the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims dedicate their times to be closer to Allah through prayers, self-restrain, and good deeds. “I am pleased to ask all Muslims as patriots to continue to pray for everlasting peace and prosperity for both our city, Monrovia and country, Liberia.”
“As holy and very important as this month is to every Muslim around the globe, it is my wish that you will use this period as a time to reflect on values like compassion, gratitude, and generosity.”
“Ramadan, according to the Holy Quran, commands us to do more to put those values into practice, appreciate our many blessings, and give generously to others in our communities, most especially the less fortunate.”
In his message to the Muslims, Mayor Koijee added “for us, as a City Government, we believe that Ramadan is also an opportunity to celebrate our country’s Muslim Community and their significant contributions to the growth, reconciliation and sustainable peace of this country over the years.”
He pleaded with them to pray for Liberia, its people and the President, George MannehWeah as he “leads Liberia with more wisdom geared towards improving the living conditions of every citizen.”
Meanwhile, the head of the Monrovia City Government appreciated the Islamic religion and the dimension of diversity it brings to the City of Monrovia, adding that “we want to assure the Muslim community that you are an important part of everything that the City of Monrovia does and your prosperity, success, harmony, peace, and joy in this life are important to the City, Happy Ramadan!May Allah’s blessings be with you today, tomorrow and always!”

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