Reduce Orphanage Homes

Amos Sawboh

-OCI Chapter Urges
The Executive Director for Orphan Concern International (OCI) Liberia Chapter, Amos Sawboh has called on the Ministry of Gender for the reduction of orphanage homes in Liberia.
Speaking Wednesday in an interview with the Liberia News Agency, Sawboh stated that if the reduction is realized, there will be effectiveness in running orphanage homes in the country.
He disclosed that the proliferation of orphanages in the country was a major concern because of the lack of financial and logistical support.The OCI boss also stated that the main aims of the Organization is to give back to Orphanage homes in Liberia since most of the members of OCI Liberia Chapter grew in orphanages.
He urged administrators of orphanages to form partnership by joining forces together since bulk of them has lesser number of orphans.
Sawboh further revealed that the Orphan Concerns International Liberia
Chapter was working with a little over 813 Orphans in Liberia.
Orphan Concerns international is an organization which seeks to address some of the numerous challenges faced by Orphans.
Orphan Concerns international is currently operating in Liberia and Gambia with a hope of spreading its operation globally.

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