US$3.2 Billion Needed For Poor-Poor Agenda

-Finance Minister Discloses
Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, has put the estimated cost for the implementation of key priorities enshrined in the George MannehWeah-led regime’s Pro-Poor Agenda at about US$3.2 billion.
Given the difficult economic condition being faced by the nation, the Finance Minister believes that it was difficult to understand how the Government could meaningfully contribute towards the projected sum.
Tweah said, the government will, however, play its role in financing the nation’s development plan by turning to the private sector, as well as development partners.Speaking Thursday at the Cabinet Retreat in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, the Finance Boss noted that Liberia’s income generation was difficult because, according to him, the nation depends on key export commodities; he added that the decline in the prices of these commodities has occasioned difficulties for revenue performance.
As a result of this, Tweah said, it will be very important for the nation to focus on domestic resource mobilization as a way of ensuring that the government finances, from a domestic standpoint, will buttress the Pro-Poor agenda.
Privatization, according to Tweah is critical to the nation’s development agenda, noting that “we have a finite amount of resources and without privatization, we cannot achieve; this is why the President has focused on completing the country’s road network and then, we will link those road networks with our agriculture growth corridors.”
Meanwhile, Minister Tweah has commended development partners who have over the years supported Liberia in its developmental drive.
“Our development partners have played an indispensable role in Liberia’s recovery from conflict and more recently, its recovery from the scourge of Ebola,” the Finance Minister indicated.
He added: “I believe they will have an even more indispensable role to play in our emergence as a lower middle-income country in the years ahead; they are a critical part of the whole development landscape and anything, we envision they are a part.”

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