First Presidential Strike

-Deputy Commerce Minister Hit On Redline
-Pres. Weah Sounds Caveat
Perhaps, taking President George MannehWeah’s flexibility and leniency for granted for whatever reason, could be a biggest mistake for some officials of the pro-poor regime.
In less than four months, since January 22, 2018, Pres. Weah has sent out what others consider a “very strong caveat” to officials of his administration by striking a deputy minister with indefinite suspension.
In a dispatch issued by the Executive Mansion over the weekend, it was reported that Deputy Commerce Minister for Small Business, Jemima Wolokollie, has crossed the redline and was subsequently hit with indefinite suspension for what has been described as “insubordinate attitude and unprofessionalism” on the job towards her boss, Min. Wilson Tarpeh. Sounding a very strong caveat, the Executive Mansion’sdispatch quotes the Liberian leader as emphasizing the need for all deputies to accord the highest respect and courtesy to their leaders and refrain from taking internal disputes and/or disagreements to the public space for redress.
Pres. Weah has also encouraged all subordinates to practice highest professionalism in conducting their duties and the need to follow the proper channel in addressing disputes with their leaders.
Suspended Deputy Min. Wolokollie recently accused Min. Tarpeh of conniving with shady foreign businesses in the country at the detriment of Liberian-owned businesses.
In her shocking claims made last week, Min. Wolokollie who, perhaps, did not know that she was crossing a redline, faultedProfessor Tarpeh of antagonizing herbecause of her “stance” against his shady dealings which, according to the suspended deputy commerce boss, contravene government’s pro-poor agenda.
“I’m asking my boss for him to open the market for Liberians to be able to do rice, for Liberians to be able to do petroleum, for Liberians to be able to bring in onions, and he has refused,” she alleged. “It is very disturbing; why is Professor Trapeh giving me problem?”
She claimed that Min. Tarpeh was blocking all her efforts to prioritize the interest of the Liberianization, a policy that provides exclusive trade and commerce privileges for Liberian entrepreneurs – and does not want her to succeed in her functions.
Min. Tarpeh refused to make public comment on the allegation on ground that doing so, would be giving relevance to what he described as “unsubstantiated allegations.”

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