LSCI Petitions MCC

-Director Kwaku Addy
A group of aggrieved workers of Liberia Services Corporation Incorporated (LSCI) has presented a formal complaint to the Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee.
Presenting the petition on behalf of the group, its spokesperson, Mr. Landry W. Bedell, informed Mayor Koijee that since the parking lot program was transferred to LSCI for incorporation, they have always been ill-treated, dismissed or suspended illegally without proper investigation, adding that the Ghanaian Director, Mr. Kwaku Addy of LSCI, has no regard for the welfare of the workers Bedell noted that, the aggrieved workers do not have interest working with Kwaku Addy, instead they want to be under the MCC.
LSCI is an arm umbrella of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) that is being subcontracted to keep city ordinance effective.
Meanwhile, receiving petition at the City Hall Tuesday, Mayor Koijee assured the group that he would do everything possible to look into the matter and get back to them in due course.
The City Mayor added that he was using a pro-poor method to address the concerns of the aggrieved workers. According to him, the pro-poor agenda will be implemented to the fullest.
Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee used the occasion to urge every law-abiding citizen to follow the due process of law without resulting to violence or taking law into his or her hand; He also commended the aggrieved workers for the role they have taken.

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