Pres. Weah’s USA Trip Certain

-Foreign Ministry Reveals
-Dispels Negative Rumors
Amid growing concerns about whether or not President George Manneh Weah would make his first state visit to the United States of America (USA) before he ends one year in office, Assistant Minister for Technical Services at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sylvester Pewee, has revealed that it is just the matter of time before the planning process is initiated for the state visit.
Pewee said, “it is ridiculous “for anyone to believe there is a sour relationship between the governments of the Republic of Liberia and the United States of America; he made the assertion during a local radio interview Tuesday in Monrovia.The Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister declared that Pres. Weah would make a “famous state visit” to the USA at the appropriate time, revealing the CDC-led government has a very healthy and cordial relationship with the White House.
Following the state visit of Pres. Weah to France, some Liberians, many of whom are in the opposition block, hit at the President for not following the so-called traditional trend that every Liberian President, following inauguration, would make a trip to the United States of America first before other countries, although Liberian leaders were not accorded that privilege.
It is no secret that most Liberians consider the United States as the traditional godfather of the country and as such, it must be Washington that sets the pace and dictates how the country should go; regimes that fail to follow that are often considered doomed.
Pres. Weah, following his inauguration, visited the Republic of France, as his first official presidential tour outside Africa.
However, the Foreign Ministry official dismissed the alleged report that Liberian Ambassador accredited to the United States has been rejected by the State Department and the White House on grounds that the diplomat is a citizen of the United States, adding that the Ambassador is neither an American citizen nor has he been rejected by the State Department; he is presently undergoing a vetting process as is required under diplomatic practice, Pewee clarified.
Responding to claims that staff at the Liberian Embassy in Washington are barely surviving, the Minister dismissed as untrue the report, adding that the welfare of members of the country’s foreign mission in Washington or any other capital is not being appropriately taken care of by the Government of Liberia, indicating all foreign missions of the country around the globe enjoy all benefits and privileges due them.
Meanwhile, Asst. Minister Pewee frowned on some Liberians who, according to him, are fronting for foreigners to obtain Liberian passports; he decried such practices and said, it puts the country’s image under serious threat, as some individuals who obtain these passports through dubious means could get involve acts that would have a bad reflection on the country’s image. By Charles P. Dennis

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