MCAL, LWSC To Reconstruct Raw Water Pipeline

The Millennium Challenge Account Liberia (MCAL) and the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC) have agreed to coordinate efforts to expedite the reconstruction of the raw water pipeline from the dam at the Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant (MCHPP) to the White Plains Water Treatment Plant (WTP).Prior to the civil war, the 36-inch diameter gravity pipeline was installed to replace the water intake at the WTP due to saltwater intrusion at the river intake. The 5km-long pipeline was damaged during the civil war; and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is providing funding for its reconstruction. Once constructed, the pipeline will be owned and operated by LWSC.
The Project will primarily benefit the people who obtain water from the LWSC system. The new pipeline will provide benefits (water quality and reliability) to those people served by the municipal water system. In addition, replacement of the river intake pumps with gravity flow through the new pipeline will reduce energy use at the WTP.
At the meeting Wednesday at the offices of the MCAL, Chief Executive Officer, Monie Captan, provided an overview of the pipeline project and called for closer collaboration in the design and construction of the pipeline.
LWSC Managing Director, Duannah Kamara, said the LWSC remained supportive of the pipeline construction project as part of management efforts to be more efficient and effective in supplying water to residents of Monrovia.
Mr. Kamara suggested that MCAL and LWSC find ways to encourage local participation and use technical specifications for materials that are readily available in Liberia to ensure long-term sustainability in the operations and maintenance of the pipeline after MCC-funded support ends.

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