Captan Wants Public Power Theft Addressed

By Catherine B. Nyenkan
The Executive Director of Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Liberia, Monie Captan, has said the issue of power theft is a serious problem in Liberia that needs to be urgently addressed.
According to Captan, about fifty percent of electricity produced by the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is being lost to power theft.
“Until the power theft rate is reduced, it will continue to hinder the capacity of the LEC to reduce tariff,” Captan noted.Speaking Thursday on the ELBC Super Morning Show, Captan said the legal system needs to be strengthened to prosecute people involved in electricity theft so as to deter others from engaging in it.
“The legal system needs to cooperate with LEC to address the issue of power theft,” he stressed.
He also pointed out that an awareness campaign needs to be carried out to inform people of the impact of power theft directly on electricity tariff.
Mr. Captan observed that it is unfair for other people to enjoy free electricity while others are paying for it.
He is of the opinion that it is LEC workers and former workers that are involved in power theft because, according to him, ordinary persons do not have the audacity to climb LEC poles to do illegal connections.

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