President Weah Dedicates New Rehab Market

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has dedicated a new market in the Rehab Community, ending years of tough times for marketers selling under hot and drenched weather conditions.
The Liberian leader personally financed the construction of the market named in honor of the First Lady, Madame Clar Weah.
Dedicating the market facility on Thursday, May 24, 2018, the Liberian leader expressed excitement that there is a market in the community.
“I am happy because you are happy,” the Liberian leader told jubilant marketers, and promised that he would remain supportive of their efforts regardless of his status as President.“You know me, I will remain George Weah; being President will not change me, he said to emphasize how generous he has been toward the needs of the Liberian people.
He also clarified that the project was not government-sponsored in an apparent effort to dispel public insinuations about the status of the project.
According to him, his support for the project started when he was not an official of government, neither as Senator nor President.
President Weah said he intervened by paying rentals on two separate occasions when the landlord had threatened to remove the marketers and lease the land to a businessman.
Though he said he spent the money to build the market, he however praised the landlord for yielding the cries of the marketers.
He cautioned the marketers to own the facility by maintaining and keeping it clean.
Earlier, the Director of Table and Founder of the market, Madam Hawa Zoe Norman thanked the Liberian Leader for the gesture and promised him that the facility will be used for its intended purpose.
Other speakers lauded the President for being responsive to the needs of the Liberian people.
The “Madam Clar Duncan Weah Supreme Market Facility” is the first market the president has dedicated since his ascendency to the presidency in January this year.

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