President Weah Gives LRA Three Days To Ensure Immediate Tariff Reduction

President George Manneh Weah has directed the Liberia Revenue Authority to present a new schedule to ensure immediate tariff reduction on wide range of basic commodities imported into the country.
The President has observed that the current tariffs regime including the ECOWAS Common External Tariff (CET) is causing a serious hike in the cost of basic commodities in the country, thus adversely affecting the Liberian people, especially the poor. The President deems this as unacceptable and further expressed that it contravenes the premise of the pro-poor agenda.The President asserts that he will leave no stone unturned in making sure that basic goods are made affordable and that the public is not strangulated by unreasonable high tariffs.
The current tariff regime which was implemented during the final days of the past administration has increased tariffs, in some cases to as high as 40 percent.
The President has mandated the Commissioner – General of the Liberia Revenue Authority, to report on his directive within 72 hours.

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