Circuit Court Judge Applauds Colleagues

-As May Term of Court Opens
Ojuku Massaquoi
Grand Kru County’s 12th Judicial Court Judge Peter W. Gbeneweleh has applauded his colleagues for the good working relationship that they have built over the past year, by pleading their cases in a way that makes citizens to know that they are rendering fair judgment.Speaking during the opening of the May term of court program that was held in Grand Kru County on Thursday May 24, 2018, Judge Gbeneweleh said they are mandated by the provision under the law to be there for the formal opening of each Term of Court, to share with colleagues some of their concerns and to remind themselves of their constitutional and statutory obligations in the discharge of their Judicial functions in their respective courts activities.
He noted that despite that they are doing their job for the Liberians people, they as lawyers and Judges still lack Judicial modern facilities.
He added that these include residential quarters for assigned judges throughout the country and so many constrains they face while doing their functions, adding that despite these hardships they face as lawyers and judges while on job, they promise to work very hard to promote president George M. Weah led government’s pro-poor agenda for the betterment of Liberians.
He said they applaud President Weah’s Administration and the Judiciary branch for the level of infrastructural development initiatives given them such as providing vehicles in some parts of the country, although much more needs to be done in all parts of the fifteen (15) counties.
He has meanwhile clarified that it is also regrettable to note that Magistrates and Judges do not have adequate retirement package and may likely retire in poverty, after rendering sacrificial services to their country and its citizens for many years, as there is no legislative enactment for adequate retirement benefits for Judges and Magistrates.
Moreover, Judge Gbenewelleh has stated that there is no state security provided for judges to give them maximum protection while pleading their cases, which he believes puts their lives vulnerable to criminals gangs.
He appealed to the legislative and the Executive branches of government to provide adequate budgetary allotment to allow them become fair, transparent, and impartial in the discharge of their functions while in Court.
Judge Gbenewelleh noted that they, as magistrates and judges should have as their first instance in court, to create the impression and to ensure cases have jurisdiction under the Liberian Judiciary. To also avoid any arbitrary act or conduct that has the propensity to tarnish the credibility and integrity of the Judiciary.
He finally urged every juror to be present at each term of court opening, to perform a civic duty to the country and its people by ensuring proper and fair trial in court proceedings.

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