Gov’t Dispels Terrorist Rumors

-Assures Citizens Of Maximum Security
By Charles P. Dennis
In the wake of terrorist attack in Liberia fears that is gripping the nation following a British Government security alert to their citizens concerning a suspected terrorist attack on the country, the Government of Liberia has called on the public to go about their normal business, as there is no cause for alarm.
adding that the British Government warning to its citizens in the country did not say there is the presence of terrorists in the country, but rather the issue of terrorist attack could not be ruled out.Addressing journalists during the Information Ministry regular press briefing on Thursday, the Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon indicated that the country is under no terrorist attack threat, as the Government is doing all to secure the lives of all within its border.
He lamented that it is frustrating to note that a common caution from the British Government to its people could be misconstrued as stating that terrorists have invaded the country, thereby creating panic throughout the country.
The Deputy Information Minister reiterated that the CDC-led Government is committed to maintaining peace and security in the entire country, adding that the security forces of the country are on a continual alert to ensuring that the country is safeguarded against any external forces that may be deployed to destabilize peace and tranquility.
The Deputy Information Minister’s assertions were buttressed by Police Spokesman Moses Carter, who revealed that the current deployment of police officers near mosques around Monrovia is not a mechanism put in place to repel any possible terrorist attack only in Muslim worship areas.
He said the measure is being put in place to arrest possible situations of theft, as it has been observed in recent years that during the Muslim Ramadan period, some misguided individuals wait for Muslims to leave their houses to go out for early morning prayers as an opportunity to steal from them.
The Police Spokesman further described as baseless and misinformation the belief that the presence of police around Mosques is a sign of religious bias, indicating that the police does not show any special favor for any particular religious group in the country, as the police in recent times accorded the same protection for a Christian crusade that was held at the Antoinette Tubman Sport Stadium this month.

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