IRCL Chief Scribe Wants Pro-Poor Agenda Actualize

The Secretary General of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia(IRCL), Musa M. Bamba want President George M. Weah Pro-Poor agenda be actualize rather than been said viably.
The IRCL chief scribe further that the Pro-Poor agenda of President Weah should not be like slogan that would not impact the lives of the Liberian people.
The IRCL boss made the assertion over the weekend to journalists at his central Monrovia office upon his return from out of the country. However, Attorney Bamba under scrolled the need for a written document be put into place that could impact the living standard of her citizens rate rather than using it as a slogan Pro-Poor.
He emphasized that there is a need for the government of Liberia headed by President Weah put together a tangible policy that would reflect on the lives of the ordinary Liberians in the society.
The Chief Scribe of the IRCL further that election are over, noting that this is the time for the government to for full all of the campaign promises made to the Liberia people.
“President Weah is one of the leader that enjoy the votes of the Liberian people to the extent that some of them even love he more themselves,” indicated the IRCL chief scribe.
Meanwhile, he has called on Liberian Muslims throughout the country as they observe the holy month of Ramada to pray for the country and their leaders.
According to him, holy month of Ramada is a time Muslims should observe and live right with their fellow men.
He however cautioned Muslims throughout the Country to exhibit good moral behavior others with follow.
Attorney Bamba elaborating on recent trip from aboard stated that there were lot things learn that would help them be very professional in the discharge of their duty.
Meanwhile, the President, Executive and staff of the Inter Religious Council of Liberia extent their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the National Muslim Council and all Muslims of Liberia for the start of the fast in the Islamic holy Month of Ramada .
The release however pray that the almighty creator will bestow his mercy on Muslims as they continue to fast and pray for themselves, families, our leaders and the nation at large.
They also used the occasion to recognize his divine mercy on them as nation for sustaining the peace and asked him to continue strengthening their bounds as religious people as they work together for continuous peaceful coexistence, peace and security for their beloved country, the world and humanity at large.

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