LEC Subscribers Endure Extortion

-Heavy Fees Charged For Connection
-Is Management Aware?
The Public Agenda has launched an investigation to establish the authenticity of reports that consumers who are subscribing with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) are enduring massive extortion in the hands of fieldworkers.
Although it is not clear whether LEC Management is aware of such practice, it is being reported that when a consumer is coaxed to pay for a meter in the tone of US$50.00 and obtained a payment slip from the bank, the management would delay to provide the meter in 6-7 months under a pretext that meters are not available. But, according to the report, LEC’s fieldworkers are always in possession of meters which the management reportedly claims are not in stock; the fieldworkers, according to some aggrieved customers who confided in the Public Agenda, would go in search of people who would pay to them US$175.00 or little less to get connected, although such fees are not subject to official receipt.
One of the victims, who does not want to disclose his identity for now, described the frustrating situation as “unacceptable” that must be addressed.
According to the lady, such business practice is unacceptable under a pro-poor administration; she has meanwhile, called on the President George Manneh Weah to investigation the report.
Another victim of the situation said, since 2016, he paid for a meter which is yet to be delivered to him; he told the Public Agenda that the receipt is still in his possession and ready to display it.
When contacted for comment, LEC’s Head of Communication, Winston W. Bedell said, Management is not aware of the latest development.
Investigation continues, meanwhile!

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