LCC Delegation Meets House Speaker

-Expresses Concern On Pending By-election
A delegation, comprising officials of the Liberian Council of Churches has had a meeting with the Speaker of the 54th National Legislature, Dr. Bhofal Chambers and expressed concerns about the delay of the pending Senatorial by-elections, the progress of the TRC report and the constitutionally envisaged National Census.
Rev, Dr. Kortu Brown, head of the Council’s delegation, told Speaker Chambers that they have sought his audience as part of their efforts in engaging government constructively, as its strives to meet and grapple with huge national and constitutional compliance obligations.Rev. Brown however, assured the Speaker of the Council’s willingness to keep a close working relationship with the government as the Council looks to seeing a better and unified Liberia following the conduct of an intense electoral process last year.
During the meeting, House Speaker Chambers told the LCC delegation, that the senatorial by-election will go ahead. The Speaker lamented that the Senatorial by-election process got delay due to some technical and pressing challenges.
Speaker Chambers assured the clergymen that the National Legislature would work with the Executive Branch of government in making the realization of the National Census attainable in the time frame as provided by law.
On account of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) reports implementation, Speaker Chambers said, he believes most of those who appeared at the TRC told lies than truth telling during the hearing process.
According to him, most war actors and persons who bear greater responsibilities for crimes committed in Liberia during the civil upheaval did not say much about the extent of atrocities they committed.
The Speaker however, said, it was about time that the country looks forward to adapting a road map to attaining restorative justice as compared to retributive justice.
He averred that it has been several years now since the war ended in Liberia, and Liberians are yelling for more infrastructure developments and economic emancipation, adding that restorative justice also heals wounds in as much as truth telling is the hallmark.
Meanwhile, restorative justice has been defined as a legal system of criminal justice that deals with the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the society, whilst retributive justice is a system of criminal justice based on the punishment of offenders rather than on rehabilitation.

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