Clar Hope Foundation ED Outlines Strategic Goals

The Executive Director of the Clar Hope Foundation, Madam Touria Benlafqin, has named Good Health, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Decent Work and Economic Growth, as the four strategic goals of the institution.
Speaking at the official launch of the foundation held in Congo Town on Monday, Madam Benlafqin said the Foundation through the four pillars will provide help to less fortunate and underprivileged women and children across the country.“Maternal and infant mortality is one of the major health issues in Liberia and as such, our work is focused on training healthcare workers as well as upgrading healthcare facilities; renovating and building 200 schools; advocating for women rights and strengthening women in agriculture,” she explained.
Madam Benlafqin, who provided the overview of the Foundation, explained that the institution will ensure it achieves its goals by creating an inclusive approach to benefit all members of the community and focusing on a human designed and result oriented programs.
She added that the foundation will also ensure it builds trust with partners and beneficiaries and be responsible to deliver the best for the community by exhibiting transparency and accountability.
“The Foundation takes a very high impact approach on sustainable development of Liberia, which requires that we and our partners and collaborators share the same values, have clear and strategic goals, are result and impact oriented, and have the capacity and mechanisms to implement all programs and partnership in complete transparency and integrity,” she noted.
The event was graced with top officials of the government, including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and Minster of State for Presidential Affairs and Acting Head of the Cabinet, Nathaniel McGill as well foreign dignitaries, many of whom made cash and other donations to the foundation, while a bulk of the others made pledges.
The Clar Hope Foundation, which was established by First Lady Clar Weah, focuses on four pillars: Good Health and Well Being for Women and Children; Quality Education; Gender Equality; and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

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